Industrial Control Panels – Your Single Panel Shop Source

Manufacturers and end users rely on Randall for custom enclosed and open UL 508a listed industrial control panels and control wiring systems. With sole ownership of industrial control panel fabrication, installation details, PLC programming, and the field wiring process, our panel shop ensures consistent performance and peace of mind.
Every industrial control panel that our panel shop produces meets our own stringent standards with built-in features to make installation, service, and maintenance easy and efficient. Our panel shop handles everything involved in the process of creating industrial control panels and we meet tight performance, schedule, and cost milestones.

Meeting Your Panel Shop Requirements

Our panel shop takes the time at the beginning of your industrial control panel project to understand your specific needs. We will create industrial control panels that serve your business today and continue to function and perform smoothly as you expand your business.
Our panel shop services include:

  • CAD layout, writing, and installation drawings
  • Component supply
  • Industrial control panel and manufacturing
  • PLC (Programmable logic controller) programming
  • Process/temperature/batch controller programming
  • VFD (variable frequency drive) programming/commissioning
  • DC drive programming/commissioning
  • Instrumentation supply
  • Panel and wiring system installation
  • Maintenance and service

Our PLC Backup Service

If you have ever experience a computer crash, you know how expensive and painful it can be. While most businesses backup their corporate level data and operating systems, many have no backup at all for their plant floor operating systems. Don’t wait until you experience a machine shutdown to discover the only copy of your system control routine is gone forever.
Just about all industrial control panels and industrial equipment contain custom programming or function specific setup variables. When these fail, the default factory programming on replacement items will not control your equipment correctly.
Reconfiguring this information from scratch is time consuming and results in significant production losses. Randall offers archival management and restoration of PLC, controller, and motor drive programming information by interfacing with your in-house IT and IS department or as a standalone source.
We use our expert knowledge of industrial control panels and systems to extract and record data from existing under-documented or undocumented systems. This allows you to return your equipment to operation quickly after an electronic systems failure or replacement.
You can encompass your entire facility or limit our services to one machine or controller.
Recorded items include:

  • Variable speed drives
  • Programmable logic controllers
  • Touch-screen displays (Panel-views)
  • Temperature controllers
  • Chart recorders
  • Batch controllers
  • Servo controllers
  • Process displays
  • Smart relays

Give our panel shop a call today at 905-433-9955, 905-424-0460 or fill out our Contact Form. With 24-hour customer service we can give you information on our industrial control panels or the specific capabilities of our panel shop anytime!